We aim to give pupils of all ages quality dance lessons in a fun and safe environment:

Classes with Parents

Dancing Dots - Baby Music, Movement and Sensory Class

This class starts from ages 4 months and is a lovely activity for parents and their babies to enjoy together. This class is friendly and welcoming to parents, and helps babies start to socialise with each other, as well as enhancing their development through music and sensory play. It is a class full of props and play equipment, and is suitable for both boys and girls. There is time at the end for the babies to enjoy some extra time together whist tea is served for the parents.

Tip Toe Tots - Parent and Toddler Dance Class

This class is an introduction to classical ballet using creative, imaginative role-playing and fun props. This class may involve pretending to be animals, playing instruments to learn rhythm, learning balancing, skipping and running and their first ballet techniques such as pointing toes, walks and gallops.  This class is suitable for both boys and girls who are having so much fun that they don’t even realise that they are learning the fundamentals of ballet technique along the way. A great bonding class for toddlers and their parents.


Early Years

Blossom Ballerina Program

Level 1            Ages 2-3 years (Pre Nursery/Nursery age)

Level 2            Ages 3-4 years (Nursery Age)

Level 3            Ages 4-5 years (Reception Age)

All these classes have been designed by Sarah the principal and the teaching team over the last 13 years to be creative, inspiring and fun. Not only that, they build on the technique and knowledge of ballet at the correct pace. They use props such as bubbles, scarves, teddies, instruments and fairy wands to keep the pupils interested and engaged. These classes have been successful for many years and have made lots of young pupils fall in love with Ballet. All these classes work towards UKA exams. These exams include fun badges and princess awards and are informal and enjoyable.

Little Learner - Jazz/Acrobatics & Tap

These classes are for our older pre-schoolers who are 3-5 years. The music in these classes is fun and familiar to them and expands on the techniques learned in our toddler classes.  We continue to teach technique through fun games and role-play, using props to enhance their experience. These classes are well supported by our staff and helpers to make little ones feel comfortable. In these classes, they will be working towards their first exams and have the opportunity to take part in our concerts and shows.

Tap – pupils will learn their first tap steps. Great for rhythm, counting, listening to the beat and stamping their feet!

Jazz – pupils will learn the basis of jazz dance. Jazz is high energy! Running, jumping, kicking and stretching to high energy music.

Acrobatics – pupil will learn the basic acrobatic moves. Great for kids who love to be upside down! Become more flexible, learn splits, cartwheels, headstands and handstands. 


RAD Ballet

The RAD Ballet Syllabus and Examination board is the most recognised and developed across the world. The work develops not only technique but musicality and performance.

Pre Primary/Primary RAD Ballet

In these ballet classes, our dancers build on their ballet technique and will thrive from positive reinforcement. There are opportunities for students in this class to participate in ballet exams which will encourage them to progress through the program/syllabus and work hard to move up into the next graded level.

Graded Classes

After completing the Primary classes the children will work towards their ballet Grades.  Classes will be taken in Grade levels.  Pupils will become more disciplined in their technique and knowledge of ballet. They will explore musicality and expression for dance. They are also introduced to National dance at Grade 1 and continue to progress with this until Grade 4. They will be taught more challenging technique as they progress through the Grades and will begin pointe work at Vocational level. 


Technical Jazz & Stretch

Once pupils pass the Early Years stage of taking Jazz classes, they then progress onto ‘Technical Jazz’. These classes break down kicks, turns, leaps and jumps, and go a lot more into the technique of how to perform these movement correctly and so they are aesthetically pleasing. We teach and encourage strength, agility and determination to improve. These classes begin by stretching out the dancers muscles to make for more flexible dancers.


Lyrical & Improvisation

These classes are all about ‘dancing’!! The pupils are encouraged to feel the music and express themselves. Choreography will be given to them, but they will also have chance to do their own improvised moves. Lyrical dance is flowing, graceful, emotional and expressive. These classes begin from age 8.



All our Tap classes are skill based, rather than age.  Pupils will progress to the next level once the skill set of each class has been accomplished.  Pupils will be taught rhythm, co-ordination and performance through learning to listen to music and acquire a fun technique which they will be able to perform at our annual show whilst achieving certificates through completing exams. Our tappers love dancing to popular, age-appropriate music and getting LOUD!



Acrobatics is the lovely link between dance and gymnastics. We’ve known for a long time that kids love nothing more than attempting and perfecting new “tricks.”  It’s that sense of pride and exhilaration that we love to pass on to all students. Our Acro classes are taught by our fully qualified Acrobatic Arts teacher and the class levels for this discipline are skill-based. Once our students have mastered the skills in their level they move up to the next allowing them to develop their skills at their own pace.


Street Dance

This cool class is always full of energy and fun!  Suitable from 4-13 years. The pupils will learn routines to popular (age appropriate) chart music which they perform in our SB Ballet & Dance Studios show plus local shows.  This class also has the opportunity to work towards exams given the pupils encouragement to work hard and a sense of achievement.


Musical Theatre – Singing and Drama

Suitable for all children age 5 – 18.  Does your child love to sing and act?  Musical Theatre will encourage them, give them confidence, techniques and tools to improve their singing and acting.  Our qualified teachers will coach and train pupils in getting the best from them. 


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